Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our most recent Family Home Evening started with dinner at Rumbi.....

Then a visit to the Ogden Temple........

and ended with ice cream at Farrs! Messy, but soooo yummy!

Happy 4th of July!!! I LOVE the 4th of July! This year it was on a Sunday so our celebrations were split between two days! We went to the fireworks on Saturday night with some family and friends and had a great time! They had the big bouncy toys as usual and Dax and Dylan had so much fun playing with their friend Brooklyn! They could've jumped all night! Then on Monday morning we had our annual family breakfast at the park. I don't know why, but I love that breakfast! Dylan loved her dress and called it her 'fireworks dress'!

Dylan and her friend Brooklyn. What pretty little princesses!
Here's Daxton! He's almost 4 and super excited for what that means. He can't wait to start preschool, I can't wait for him to start either! He also is excited to be able to play on a soccer team! (hopefully in the spring he will be able to) I can't believe he is almost 4! Those 4 years flew by! He is so much fun, he has a little imagination and comes up with the funniest things! He is very tender hearted, just like his daddy, and the littlest things bring tears to his eyes! I can't wait to keep watching him grow and learn new things!

Here's princess Dylan. She's 2 going on 13! I knew having a girl would be fun, but I never imagined it'd be this much fun! She is so girlie but a tomboy at the same time. She loves to dress up in princess clothes, wear dresses, get her hair fixed, always needs a bow in her hair, loves her nails painted......but at the same time loves to wrestle with Daxton and Daddy, ride bikes and scooters, kick or throw a ball around and play trains. At only 2 years old she already as the attitude of a 13 year old....she knows what she wants and how to get it!
Here's Carden! He is 3 months old here and I just love him in this little outfit, I think he looks sooo handsome! He is just growing so fast....it makes me sad, espeacially because he is my last baby! I just want to hold him and cuddle him all day and never put him down! I love you Carden!!!!

It's been along time since I've been on the family blog.....alot has happened in the past year. I'll just start with the most exciting thing.....Dax and Dylan got a new brother!!! Carden was born on March 11, 2010. He is the cutest, sweetest, most cuddly baby ever and we all love him to pieces! Daxton and Dylan are always calling him a 'cutie little fella'. I don't know where they came up with that, but it's pretty funny to hear them say it. Dylan is always kissing him and hugging him. She loves to read him books and pretent to put him to sleep. Dax just likes to tell him all about his toys. Carden is a really good baby, always smiling and happy. He is the perfect finish to our little family!